At Regent Christian Academy, we recognize the importance of successfully completing academic subjects in preparation for today's changing job markets. Students who plan to pursue post-secondary education must realize that competition is great and that opportunities are granted to those who are willing to earn high grades. To assist them in achieving a high standard in both academics and discipline, High School students at RCA should expect a demanding homework load and be willing to postpone other interests to fulfill academic goals.

We at RCA also believe that academics are an avenue that has the ability to develop Christian character. The development of good study habits, goal setting, and personal integrity is                                                                 paramount.

The academic policies of Regent are founded upon the following principles:

RESPONSIBILITY - All persons in our school have specific responsibilities to fulfill
towards themselves and each other.

INDIVIDUALITY - We recognize that not all students have equal aptitudes or interests,
yet all are equally responsible to be faithful in using what God has given them.

ACCOUNTABILITY - As a Christian school, we are accountable to God for the training
of our students as far as our scope of influence extends into their lives.

DISCIPLESHIP - Although we are individually responsible for our own actions,
we are able to shape each other's lives for good through correction,
exhortation, and encouragement.

In addition to Bible courses taught at each grade level, students at Regent are offered a BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE integrated into the British Columbia curriculum.  Our goal is to provide quality education and to develop Biblically creative and constructively thinking young people; young people who are prepared for vocational callings and other God-given responsibilities in life.