jr boys basketballPhysical health and fitness affect all of life, including emotional well-being and intellectual success.

All students in middle school receive physical education instruction from a PE specialist.

This allows students to develop skills and to receive training that builds upon itself from year to year.

Students are actively involved during instruction, and the goal is to develop a positive attitude towards leading a physically active lifestyle.


Christian Elementary Schools Sports League

floor hockey

RCA belongs to the Christian Elementary School Sports League (CESS), and we participate in all of their events and tournaments.

This includes a variety of sports such as soccer, volleyball, badminton, basketball, floor hockey, and flag football. Students in grades 5-7 have the option of trying out for these teams.



Standards Track and Field Meet

track & field

All students in grades 4-7 participate in a "standards" track and field meet. RCA hosts this event, which other schools registered in CESS attend. Students compete in all events against a pre-set standard. This allows all students to become involved and to meet with success. As well, the top-performing female and male in each age group receives a medal. This meet is a unique blend of inclusivity and competitiveness.

Junior Volleyball and Basketball

jr girls volleyballMiddle School students in grade eight have the opportunity to try out for our junior volleyball and basketball teams.