Middle School

The middle school years are an exciting time in a student's life-a time of transition and change.

As middle school students begin to step outside the carefully structured, carefully supervised world of childhood into the pre-adult world, they need significant adults in their lives to lead them.

We encourage our students to develop a personal relationship with God, a positive self-image, responsible behaviour, healthy physical growth, and intellectual excellence with the mind of Christ.

Our daily devotionals offer guidance in the development of Christian character, and we aim to lead students to an understanding of what it means to live as a Christian.

In our middle school, teachers provide opportunities that allow students to take on more responsibility.

We gradually increase our expectations through each successive grade. When students experience success handling this increased responsibility, they develop a sense of respect for themselves and others.

Students in grades five through eight have a homeroom with a teacher who teaches several of the core courses. We believe that when students have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with an adult who is doing admirable work and living a life of wholeness, there is greater potential for positive character growth. Middle school teachers must be mentors and people with vision. We choose our middle school teachers with this in mind.

Objectives of Middle School

Regent Christian Academy Middle School has four main objectives:

1. We desire to help students recognize and unwrap the gifts God has given them. Our teachers celebrate differences and encourage students to reflect carefully upon their personal strengths and weaknesses. We guide students into taking personal responsibility for the development of their abilities.

2. By teaching from a biblical worldview, we aim to lead students to ask and answer foundational questions of faith and existence, as they move from blind acceptance to self-decision making.

3. By having a core teacher, we aim to assist students to better develop a sense of teamwork and purpose, where they learn to take responsibility for the learning, care, and nurture of others.

4. We aim to teach students that little things matter, and that their actions toward one another will either help or hinder the pursuit of a climate characterized by the fruit of the Spirit.