Middle School

Our middle school includes grades five through eight. Students have a core teacher who provides instruction in the academic areas, and who leads the class in devotions and important life and character building discussions. This arrangement provides stability and security, allowing an important student-teacher bond to develop. We integrate God's Word into all aspects of learning, and teach all subjects from a biblical worldview.

As students progress through these middle years, teachers give them increasing responsibility as they begin to gain their independence. Our aim is to provide the guidance and support necessary for adolescent students to make a successful transition into high school.

These are exciting years for young people as they begin to think more independently and ask foundational questions of faith and existence. By creating a caring and challenging environment where learning opportunities abound, students are encouraged to develop their talents for future service in God's kingdom.

Please browse through these pages and if you have any questions, feel free to call the school and I will be happy to speak with you.


Middle School SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST   2017-2018 school year:

   Grade 5  school supply list

   Grade 6  school supply list

   Grade 7  school supply list

   Grade 8  school supply list



 MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHING STAFF                    Leadership:

Grade 5A Miss Randi Bremner
Grade 5B Mrs. Lynn Onions
Grade 6A Mrs Darolyn Sladen
Grade 6B Mr David Johnston
Grade 7A Mrs Ingrid Roseweir
Grade 7B Mrs Lauren Fontaine
Grade 8A Mr Ryan Koop
Grade 8B Mrs Leanne Brinston
PE Mr Alan Rigg
Music Mr Adrian Falcon
Choir Miss Esther Chen  &  Mr Jason Strain
Worship Mrs. Carrie Murphy
Art Mrs Kim Porter
French Mrs Lauren  Fontaine   &   Mrs Leanne Brinston
IT, Drama Mr Manfred Schulz
Principal Mr. Paul Johnson
Vice Principal  Mr. Travis Bryerton
Director of Special Education Mrs. Lana Garland  
School Counsellor Mrs. Maggie Callander
Director of Operations Mr. Jamie Garland