Student Life

girls sitting on dockSTUDENT LIFE at Regent Christian Academy is as important to us as academic excellence, sports, or the arts. It is our desire to raise up students with a personal understanding of the importance of being a Christian in all areas - not only church and school, but in their everyday life.

We encourage our students to grow in this way through Chapel services, retreats, and Spiritual Emphasis Days.




One of the main aspects of student life at RCA is time spent together in worship and learning more about God. Our weekly Chapel times include upbeat, contemporary worship, led by students from the Music and Worship class. Each week also holds solid, biblically-based teaching, often provided by teachers, administrators, local pastors, students from Pacific Life Bible College (PLBC), or out-of-town guest speakers. Every second week, our students are split into small groups led by PLBC students. Chapel is both fun and challenging, and many students will tell you that it is their favourite part of the week.



horse back ridingIt is considered a priority at Regent to encourage open communication between staff and students, and to offer a well-rounded high school experience. Yearly retreats are one way of achieving these goals. Each year includes a Fall Kick-off, where new students are warmly welcomed and introduced to the rest of the student body. Periodically opportunities arise to attend various youth conferences. Students in leadership also go on retreat together every year to solidify their year's objectives and to create unity in their working relationships.

Spiritual Emphasis Days

While academic and extra-curricular achievements are considered important at RCA, we believe that all levels of personal growth should be pursued, including spiritual growth. Reflecting this value is a two- to three-day in-house conference, where students, staff, and often many parents and friends of the school gather together to worship and learn. Speakers are usually guest ministers, and the High School worship team provides worship. Spiritual Emphasis Days usually happen in the fall but may also occur in the spring due to their yearly success.